As per our teaser in our December newsletter, we are delighted to announce that our new online data protection training course is now available to your business.

We have designed this course to meet the requirement of the GDPR that all employees who have access to any personal data, regardless of their role, need to be aware of their data protection responsibilities.

Our training course will assist with your GDPR compliance by giving your employees the information and understanding they need to manage personal data correctly during their day to day activities.

Key features:

• Introductory course for staff who deal with or have access to personal data within their job role.
• Six easy to follow sections which include a learning objective, practical examples, test exercises and conclude with a test.
• Quick to complete, typically under one hour, but can be paused and restarted as necessary.
• Unique logins allow you to track who has accessed and completed the training.
• The training log provides evidence of compliance.
• Pricing is per user per year, and there are no initial set-up fees.
• A certificate is provided once the tests have been satisfactorily completed.

Data breaches where data protection training is absent will incur higher fines, so please do not ignore this aspect of compliance.

For more information and a course demo, please call us on 01392 345400 or email