As if we didn’t have enough changes on the horizon in the world of Data Protection Law, the UK government has decided to add yet more to the mix with its recently published “DP Bill – Statement of Intent”. This statement aims to give some details about how the UK government intends to implement the data protection reforms both from Europe and its own new laws.

We already know that the General Data Protection Regulation will become UK law in May next year and since this is before the date that the UK leaves the EU, then we will have to prepare and comply with its requirements. The government has already said that it will ensure that the provisions of the GDPR remain UK post Brexit, a necessity for data transfers between the UK and Europe once it is no longer an EU member.

So why has the government now decided to put yet more legislation into place? Well, this bill adds some details to questions that the GDPR has not yet answered. So, we know now that the government intends the age upon which a child can make their own decisions in relation to his or her data will be 13. The government has also made other changes like unlimited fines for certain offences and also greater powers for the ICO who will be able to impose much higher fines.

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